Creative Design

twenty:22 is our in-house creative studio which boasts a large and highly skilled team. We have extensive experience in all aspects of conceptualisation and design for POS and POP across every format and area of retail. Having worked extensively with the UK’s largest retailers and brands, the team are recognised as specialists in producing 3D structural POS units for use in all retail environments.

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creative design

Creative realisation.

Concept development

Collaboration is the start point for any great creative solution. The twenty:22 team works closely both in-house and with our clients marketing specialists to develop creative solutions that look great but will also work when deployed in the field.

Artwork and Creative

Our team has the skills to create all aspects of campaign deliverables, encompassing creative visualisation, creative art working, finished design.

Often our challenge is to take lead creative that has been developed for other marketing channels and make that work as a POS or POP solution.

3D Visualisation

Our clients require us to develop 3D solutions that deliver high levels of impact when in an in-store environment. These briefs present both a creative and practical challenge as our solutions must be both impactful and structurally robust.

The twenty:22 team have the skills and the experience to design, visualise, animate, and model their ideas to bring them to life.

CAD services

Once the decision has been made to proceed with a 3D creative solution, full technical drawings must be made for use in the production process.

Our team includes experts in the use of state-of-the-art CAD software, ensuring that when developed, of our solutions always live up to our clients’ expectations.

Prototyping and testing

Prior to final production, either reduced or full-scale prototypes of our solutions are produced using the chosen materials and substrates. These prototypes allow full testing and QA to take place, ensuring the fixture or unit will perform in the field.

People Stories

Edward Wood

3D Structural Design Manager

I first worked within the twenty:22 creative team as a freelance structural designer and did so for a few months before joining the team full time over 9 years ago. I now have the privilege to manage the talented 3D Structural Team – magicians in all things cardboard. The thing I enjoy most about working for Augustus Martin is the multifarious nature of the projects we get to work on, and seeing our creations come to life.


We design for recyclability, and help you ensure that products are recycled when they reached the end of their life.